15 Animals With Their Eyes Placed In Front Instead Of Having It On The Sides, See How They Look!

Though we might not actually notice it so much as we are used to having their eyes on the sides, have you ever imagined on how some animals will look like if their eyes were placed in front? There were a lot of them who have it on the sides – opposite to how human’s eyes were set on the face.

Placing their eyes in front, it gives changes to their appearances. It may look awkward but at least here is a glimpse of how they will really look like in that given instance.

Here is the list of the 15 animals with their eyes placed in front.

1. Chicken


Photo Credits: Mashable

2. Shark


Photo Credits: Mashable

3. Fawn


Photo Credits: Kiyoi

4. Red Oranda


5. Dolphin


Photo Credits: Mashable

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