15 Spiders That You Might Encounter In Your Next Adventure

Spiders are arthropods that have eight legs. They are air-breathing creatures that belong to the largest order of arachnids. Often times, people see spiders with two perspectives.

There are those people who don’t want spiders and cobwebs in the house as they may denote a negative impression to guests. Visitors may think that the family have no time to clean their house.

On the other hand, there are people who would gladly allow it in the house as they help trap mosquitoes that might bring sickness to the family members.

In the point of fact, we don’t just encounter a singly type of spider. There are a variety of them that we might meet in the house or will probably encounter in our next adventure.

Here is the list of spiders as shared in List Verse and Mental_floss.

1. Australian Stained-Glass Mirror Spider: Thwaitesia

1. Australian Stained-Glass Mirror Spider

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