30 Photos: Photoshoppers Have Dedicated Countless Hours Creating Strange Animal Hybrids

Legend is full of strange and hybrid creatures are real.  Now, Photoshoppers have dedicated countless hours to creating new ones.  As people were surprised with the strange hybrid creatures that always have fascinated the society.

With the advent of Photoshop, mythical creatures are easier than ever to create and share with your friends!

Boredpanda compiled the list of the hybrid animals to showcase of what they look like.


#1 Butterphant



#2 Orangupanda



#3 Hippopotamice


#4 Dubbit

#5 Catelephant

#6 Owlves

#7 Hairy Potter



#8 Searex

#9 Australian Pygmy Cheessum

#10 Tiny Dicks

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