What This Amazing Dog Is Doing On The Chains Will Surely Surprise You! OMG! What An Intelligent Dog!

Dogs are really intelligent animals. They are held as one of the most intelligent animals. Usually we teach our dogs simple tricks so that we can get their full loyalty to us as their master. When it comes to attitude, dogs are really compassionate and loyal. Dogs are also playful at times, they tend to enjoy their time playing with their master.

And speaking of enjoyment, have you ever seen a dog doing some chain surfing? If you are not familiar with chain surfing, those chains on some parking areas are used for some surfing tricks to a dog. Now watch the video below, and you will surely be amazed of this dog doing his surfing tricks.

Watch how this Border collie do some chain surfing tricks lead by his master. This dog is really so adorable.

This video is a little bit of funny. Though this dog is struggling a bit to balance on the chain, he still manages to do some tricks. What a great dog!

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