This Gorilla Hilariously And Unexpectedly Says “Hi” To People

We all know that gorillas are the largest extant genus of primates when it comes to its body size. Since then, some people are really scared on gorilla. Somehow, it is also because of the fact that it might hurt them on the most unexpected way. But do you have any idea on how gorillas says hi to people?

If you don’t know, well, this video will really be a great help for you. It will show you a certain gorilla who is currently in the zoo and is about to greet people. As the gorilla sees them (people), it looks like he was just fine with that. He even went closer to the people. But suddenly and unexpectedly, he did this. Watch the video below.

You know what he did? He actually punched, with his full force, the glass that covers and protects the people. Good thing that the glass is actually safe for people. However, it is obvious that they all got scared. So now, do you already know how gorilla says hi? Hope you like it. Enjoy watching.

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