7 Foods W/ Odd Names & Their History

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The Origins of 7 Foods W/ Odd Names FOODS WITH ODD NAMES – In this article, you will know the seven (7) foods with odd names and their history. Whether you’re trying out a new restaurant or enjoying a meal cooked at home with friends, most of the dishes you come across are typically straightforward. … Read more

This Is Why Limes Sink But Lemons Float

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Why Do Limes Float But Lemons Sink? Despite the citrus fruit’s similarity, your lemons are floating while your limes are sinking in your beverages. Find out why. Lemons and limes belong to the citrus family, yet they possess distinct flavors that set them apart. According to Diffen.com, although both are acidic, lemons tend to have … Read more

10 Animals Found Only In The Philippines & Where to Find Them


10 Animals That Are Unique To The Philippines (and where to find them) ANIMALS – Here are the ten (10) animals that can only be found in the Philippines and where to find them. The Pearl of the Orient showcases a remarkable array of islands, each possessing its own distinctiveness. Tourists in search of sun-soaked … Read more

Top 7 Unique Facts About The Philippines

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Here Are 7 Interesting Facts About The Philippines PHILIPPINES – Here are 7 fascinating facts about the Philippines for those who are considering visiting or are just curious about it. The Philippines, the world’s second-largest archipelago consisting of 7,641 islands, is renowned for its 36,000 km of pristine white beaches, but there’s much more to … Read more