15 Photos That Show Different Worlds Blended In One Image, #7 Is A Must-See!

Photography is one of the most pursued hobbies. It usually goes from taking casual pictures until the purchase of a great camera leading to taking the passion in a more serious note. Some even take it as form of living – two birds in one stone, passion and livelihood.

Do you know that aside from plain pictures, there are greater artworks that can be done to them? One artist named Alexis has made it. Alexis blends double exposures into a single image and the result is extremely awesome. The photos convey different worlds in a single view.

Here is the list of the 15 photos that show different worlds.

1. Woman and Train’s Smoke


2. Bridge Merged With Woman’s Face


3. Mountain


4. Wolf Combined With Sun Rays


5. Woman’s Back Merged With Road


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