30 End Of The World Inspired Art Works

Have you ever wondered when the world is going to end?

Many theories said that Judgment day is coming. That the world will come to its end.

The world is now on its way to its destruction because of the human inventions that instead of helping the world to live, it causes the whole world to pollution.

Humans are almost destroying the planet Earth, damages on the world are getting more and more serious. There are many problems and treats that nature encounters with such as; global warming, epidemic diseases, pollution, overpopulation, deforestation and nuclear weapons.

The doomsday appears to some of the visions of the people who said to talk with god. But theories said that all of these are all predictions.

With these reasons, many theories come out that declares that the Earth is going to end.

Many are asking, how the world will end? what will happen? when the world end?

Here are the 30  predictions of how the world will end, inspired artworks.


Aftermath 2085

aftermath 2085

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