Kids Can Develop Their Skills From Playing Lego Blocks

Lego has grown into a worldwide phenomenon after it reached in the field of education.

Lego was created in Denmark. Ole Kirk Christiansen was the founder of the Danish Construction toy company the Lego Group.

This started as a set of colorful plastic pieces that can be assembled and re-assemble in a number of possibilities. The Lego game became hit worldwide after the company decided to integrate educational products and curricula that allow teachers and students to use this inside the classrooms.

Lego is popular to kids because they have given the opportunity to design their own structures and can make something new.

Studies suggest that building block toys have lasting benefits for children. According to the study of Journal of Research in Childhood Education, kids played with blocks in a highly insightful manner. Wherein the children can use their imagination and the blocks to create Lego Robots, Spaceships and monsters.

Playing with LEGOs by building them in groups can help the kids to develop their skills in problem solving, organization, and enhances critical thinking. These are some of the important packages of skills that might help the children develop through playing.

Block play may also foster a wide range of abilities, including motor skills, construction, and divergent problem-solving skills.

According to Casey and Bobb 2007, Kids are given an opportunity to think quantitatively and be able to rotate geometric shapes in the mind’s eye as they perceive that parts make a whole and relate all parts to each other.

This game is still available for all adults and young children as this is linked to the construction play that has other benefits besides math and spatial skills like stimulate creativity and sharpen crucial skills.

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