This Might Be The Most Bizarre Underwater Phenomena You Will Ever See. The Ice Finger Of Death!

We have already seen tornado of wind, tornado of water, tornado of sand, and tornado of fire, but have you seen tornado of ice? This might be the strangest thing you will ever see.

We have seen a lot of natural phenomena that seems to be so very wonderful to be seen, but to this Brinicle. The so called Brinicle of Death. It forms when a cold, dense brine comes into contact with warmer water.

It all starts on the ocean’s surface and then the emerging brinicle known as ice stalactite starts to move downward, forming something of a submerged tornado, until it eventually hits the ocean floor and freezes everything in its path.

On reaching the seafloor, it will continue to accumulate ice as surrounding water freezes. The brine will travel along the seafloor in a down-slope direction until it reaches the lowest possible point, where it will pool. Any bottom-dwelling sea creatures, such as starfish or sea urchins can be caught in this expanding web of ice and be trapped, ultimately freezing to death.

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