Within A Simple Glimpse You Might Think This Is Just An Ordinary Rock But Try Opening It And You Won’t Believe Why This Was Called As “The Living Rock.”

If we will just look at this thing we can just simply say it’s just a rock. But what is really interesting about this thing is why it was called as the living rock.

When we say a living rock, what comes into your mind?

From the word living we will definitely think of a life. That means an alive rock. This living rock was discovered from Chile. The rock is a family of tunicate that belongs to the pyuridae family which can be found only in sea water. They called this rock as Pyura Chilensis. It has two tubes or siphons as its way of breathing. Why it was called as a living rock? Simply because if you’re going to open it you will see organs inside of it.

You might find it weird but this thing do exist. It was in August 31, 2013 when this weird thing discovered in Chile and Peru. Some says it is a coral covered by a sand for a long time causing it to look like a rock. Whichever is true one thing is for sure the creature is part of the Chile’s marine biology.

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