This Is The Reason Why Payphones Still Exists Until Now

We all can’t deny the fact that even though we are now living in a technology era, there are still some places who have pay phones on the streets. Of course, many of us kept on wondering why, right? Somehow, do you want to know the reason behind that?

If so, this video will show it all to you. With the help of Pete Izzo, Jr. who is pay phone technician at New York, he will reveal us the reason behind the outdated pay phones. As based on the video, it may be just be an outdated payphones, but there’s actually a hi-tech secret hiding in each block. Watch what are these on the video below.

By the way, this video was presented to us by Mashable on YouTube. As based on Izzo, the future of the phones is not for the phones, it’s for the infrastructure. As such, it can give you other features such as Wifi. Isn’t it great? How was it for you? You can leave your comments below.

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