Top 15 Exercises That Will Help Increase Your Height

Nowadays, it seems that height is one of the plus factor people must have. Height is something that many people strive for and it can be helpful to get around your day. Even in some companies and any other organizations, having a height is really an asset. This makes you more attractive and intimidating.

If you want to get a little taller but think you are stuck with your current height, you may be wrong. With just a few simple exercises you could increase your height and start reaching for the stars.

Here are some exercises that helps you increase height.


1 swimming

Swimming is an exercise that requires plenty of stretching and reaching, which can gradually increase your height. However you will need to swim often and for long periods in order to see significant results

Hanging Exercise

1 hanging

These exercises are just what they sound like. You will need to hang down from a bar and let your body stretch. You can also hang and then bring your legs up parallel to the ceiling to create and even better stretch.

Touch Down

1 toetouch

If you can’t touch your toes, you’re not alone and just stretch as far as you can. If you missed gym class you perform this exercise by standing straight and then bending down to touch your toes. You should hold the stretch for a few seconds each time.

Cobra Stretch

1 cobrastretch

This stretch is all about stretching out your spine and elongating the body. The more you do this stretch the more you will open up your back and increase your height.

Pelvic Shift

1 pelvic-shift

This exercise targets the spine and lower hips and is considered one of the most effective exercises for increasing height. To perform this lay flat on your back with your palms out to the sides. Keep your legs bent and slowly push your pelvis upward. Hold the pose for 20 to 30 seconds.

Leg Stretches

1 leg-stretches

One good calf exercise is to stand parallel to a wall and place your hands on the wall. Put your weight on your hands and then slowly move one leg closer to the wall. You should feel a stretch in your calf. Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat it a few times.

The Table

1 table

For this exercise you are going to put your body into the shape of a table. While it sounds easy enough this is actually a difficult stretch that will work wonders for increasing height. Start by sitting on the floor with your legs stretched out. Then place your palms on the floor with your hands facing toward your feet. Next place your feet flat on the floor and push your torso upward until your body resembles a table.

Jump Rope

1 jumprope

Jump rope is not only a school yard activity and a great way to remember songs, it is also a great exercise for stretching out the body, especially the lower legs. You will build up these muscles and stretch them out throughout the jumping motion.

Spot Jump

1 spot-jump

Jumping is an exercise that really stretches out the cartilage in the body, especially the legs. Repetition of vertical jumps or squat jumps can stretch out the cartilage so that the body gradually becomes taller.

Dry Swim Or Alternate Kick

1 dry-swim

This is a great way to get the stretching benefits of swimming even if you don’t have regular access to a pool.

Super Stretch

1 super-stretch

This is an easy and very good stretch for increasing height and reducing stress.

Two Legs Straight Up

1 two-leg-lift

This is a great stretch for your legs and lower back. It is also a difficult stretch so it may take some practice.

Forward Spine Stretch

1 forwardspine-stretch

This is another way to stretch many of the same muscles in the toe touch and you should hold the position for several seconds.

Pilates Roll Over

1 pilates-roll-over

This works to strengthen and elongate the spine so doing this stretch every day will have great results for your height.

Cat And Dog

1 catdog

These stretches will bring out the animal in you and have the ability to stretch your body an inch or two as well.

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