15 Foods That Will Help You Carry-Out A Loaded Schedule, #14 Is Yummy!

Our bodies need to build muscles for us to fully function at our best. It is as important as energy in carrying out our daily schedule most especially if we have loaded ones. To achieve this, we must take notice of our protein in-take.

Do you know that there are a lot of food that are good sources of protein? Aside from proteins being energy-givers and muscle-builders, it help repair the tissues in our body and makes enzymes and hormones.

Here is the list of the 15 foods that are good sources of protein.

1. Tofu – 8g Protein

1. Tofu

2. Oysters – 9g Protein

2. Oysters

3. Greek Yogurt – 10g Protein

3. Greek Yogurt

4. Cottage Cheese – 11g Protein

4. Cottage Cheese

5. Eggs – 13g Protein

5. Eggs

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