18 Nutritious Foods That Will Drive The Bad Vibes Away

Aside from the circumstances that happen around us, our moods too are hard things to handle most especially to girls. It is the innate feeling that no one can explain – at times not even the person who feels it. Nevertheless, there are still those who know how to manage them well as they believe that things are just a matter of perspective.

Do you know that the foods we eat can affect our moods or emotions too? Behind what we chunk in our mouths lies the fact that they are affecting our moods and that they can help us control them even wiser and in a more predictable way.

Eating comes with a relieving feeling. We just have to know the food’s effect to us so we can achieve the state we want and drive away the negative vibrations in us.

Here are the foods that are great for specific emotions as shared by Bembu.

Berries for the Sorrowful Feeling

Berries for the Blues

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