Learn The 5 Colors Of Phytonutrients That One Must Eat Everyday, You Need To Know This…

Everyone of us just wanted to live a longer and better life in this world, right? That’s why, many are involved in daily exercise and eating nutritious and healthy foods. Of all the foods available right now, fruits and veggies are known to be the healthiest of them all because of the phytonutrients or phytochemicals in them. These are known to be the disease-fighting natural compounds of plants.

Aside from that, the colors of fruits and veggies also determine where they are good at. For example, the red ones like tomatoes and watermelon are good for the heart, prostate, DNA health, and others.

Here’s an infographic that will explain to you the 5 colors of these phytonutrients found in differently colored fruits and veggies.

5 Colors of Phytonutrients to Eat Every Day!

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