How It Feels To Live With Monster

Have you ever tried living with fear? Was it because of an expected failing grade by the end of the semester? Or having no more money to pay when the bill collector knocks at your door?

Everyone surely has tried to live with fear – battled with the sleepless nights and the busy minds as well. It’s a condition wherein yourself goes uncontrollable even to you. It is a monster that silently eats you inside.

Inside Out

It is unhealthy to live with fear. It will still away precious moments that might be the best moments of your life if only you were not afraid worrying over something.

One good thing is that there is this Pranita Kocharekar who founded a project titled “Acknowledge Anxiety”. Having an anxiety condition in the past, the illustrator would like to let the world see the realities behind those who are suffering the conditions through his illustrations as shared in Bored Panda.

Being internet dependent. One tend to find cures over the web whenever he feels something or simply hoping to divert his attention.

When You're Sick And You Ask Dr. Internet For Cure

Surfing The Internet For Remedies

Living with fear makes it hard for one to sleep. It is like someone is going to take his life away if he will close his eyes.

When You Hear Rustling At Night, You Make Up Scenarios Of A Being Stabbed To Death

Girl Finds It Hard To Sleep At Night

One tends to over think even before knowing the real thing behind circumstances.

When Your Boss Wants To See You In The Office... The Walk Is A Hard, Hard One

Girl Suffering From Being Too Paranoid

May it be a man or a woman, the person possesses a woman-innate attitude which is having a hard time when it comes to decision making as all aspects are carefully considered.

You're Extremely Indecisive

Girl Can’t Figure Herself Out

One tend to be very meticulous on things. If something didn’t happen on the set time, over thinking again crowds his mind.

They Don't Call You On Time And You Break A Sweat

Being Too Time Conscious

And this is it, over thinking. Jumping to 2020 conclusions though we are still in 2016.

You Overthink Everything

rethinking Hits The Girl

Every little thing is as important as the big ones. One wants everything to be perfectly done.

You're Forever Paranoid And Over Cautious

Girl Becoming Overly Cautious

A person living in fear constantly checks his gadgets for updates or even just because he wants to assure he doesn’t miss anything.

Have You Locked The Apartment Door?

Man Has Battling Thoughts

Fears are becoming unjustifiable yet one can’t stop himself from feeling it.

You Check For Your Phone Before Sitting In The Cab, While In The Cab, And After Getting Out Of the cab - twice

Girl Constantly Checks Her Phone In Whatever Situation

There is always doubt. The condition makes it hard for one to feel settled.

You Have Irrational Fears

Girl Experiences Unjustifiable Anxieties

Focus is one hard thing to achieve.

Meditation Is Like...

Girl Fails To Achieve Focus

A person who suffers the anxiety condition can go really very emotional even on things unrelated to them.

You Can't Read The Newspaper Because...

Very Sensitive Feelings

When everything is right, he feels like there is still something wrong or he just simply doesn’t want nothing to think about.

You Subconsciously Worry About Having Nothing To Worry About

Man Hates Having Nothing To Worry About

Nothing could soothe the feeling.

Video Games Press All Of Your Stress Buttons

Man Suffers Stress Over Everything

Have you ever experienced these indications?

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