Soda Vs Energy Drinks: Consuming These Beverages May Contribute Negative Effects To Your Body

Studies reveal that consuming too much soda and energy drinks may contribute negative health effects to your body within 24 hours. According to the medicaldaily, consuming too much soda a day has a high impact of gaining weight. When the soda you drink already consume by your body, the pancreas got a signal to produce insulin in response to the sugar. As we all know the insulin that produces by your pancreas is the hormone that moves from food or drinks from the blood stream where your cell uses it as energy.


As to what the results that the researchers had discovered. The person who consumes soda drink each day has the higher possibility top develop heart problems, a metabolic syndrome such as diabetes. Included on the list are the kidney problems, reproductive issues, osteoporosis, asthma and bad teeth. They may be helpful at some point because of their caffeine content but they are either dangerous when you don’t limit yourself from it.


While energy drinks, as we all thought that they help boost your energy during the day or when you feel like you are tired and losing your energy also for mental performance. Energy drinks also contain caffeine. According to the medicalnewstoday energy drinks has also higher sugar content like soda. As what the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) had concluded that one energy drink contains 80 mg over until 500 mg of caffeine while 5-ounce of coffee contains 100 mg only

There are several studies telling that consuming energy drinks may also contribute numerous negative health effects t your body including the changes of heart function and other unhealthy behaviors

Consuming regular energy drinks a day may lead to symptoms such as constipation and headache. See also the infographic below.


Neither of these two products is not good for your health. As the result of each study that drinking too much, these products will surely give problems that the system of your body will suffer. Not only one part will get affected but as long as it strikes your body system. See also the video from SELF Magazine to know more the information about the negative sides of this energy drinks.

As a conclusion to this, energy drinks and soda are most likely the same. It’s better to drink more water that these beverages. So what can you say about this one? Share us your thoughts on the comment section below. For more updates, feel free to visit our site often. Thanks for dropping by and reading this blog post.

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