You Will Be Shocked Of This Girl Who Were Born With 2 Heads. A Parasitic Twin! OMG! This Is So Terrifying!

Manar Maged was an Egyptian girl who was born with her twin Islaam attached to her head, a condition known as Craniopagus Parasiticus, or Parasitic Twin. Islaam was basically nothing but a head and upper torso, but was able to smile and blink on her own. Still, doctors determined that she had to be removed in order to give Manar Maged a chance at a normal life.

In February 2005, when she was 10 months old, Manar Maged underwent an operation to remove the parasitic head in a hospital in Banha, 25 miles north of Cairo in Egypt. The operation was successful, at least for the time being and Manar Maged became the first baby to survive the surgical removal of a parasitic head. However due to persistent infection in her brain, she only lived for additional 13 months and died on March 25, 2006 only a few days short of her second birthday.

Craniopagus Parasiticus is a rare and extremely bizarre medical condition whereas a twin fails to develop completely in the womb but through its will to survive, attaches itself to the head of its twin, becoming completely dependent upon it – hence the alternative name of Parasitic Twin.

Despite the way the mainstream news covered this story, it wasn’t a case of one baby having an unsightly and dangerous growth removed. It was a rare case in which both conjoined twins will die unless they are separated in surgery that will kill one of them.

After her removal from Manar Maged, Islaam died on the operation table, but was buried according to the tradition like a normal person by her family. If you like this video, you can share this to your Facebook or Twitter account. Don’t forget to like and follow us by clicking the buttons below.

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