Artist Sculpt Creatures Living In His Imagination

A talented artist from Cleveland 0hio created a dream –like characters. Out from his imagination, he created creatures.


His creations are quite Creepy but truth be told they are still beautiful.


Many are just wondering how these beautiful creatures are made.


This goddess-like creature looks like she has everything!


Most of his artworks are living from his imagination.


He can now talk to his dreams in face to face.


These creatures have corpse-colored skin and sunken eyes.


Living with your dreams is the best feeling ever.


Every creature that he created from his dreams has a story to tell.


This artist creates this creatures by using his dreams.


He created this creature living in his dreams.


These creatures are created from the shadow world.


From imagination, they are born in the reality.


Everything that he created has a meaning and everything has its own story.


The artist created these creatures by from his own depression.


The artist displaced his anxiety and panic attacks by carving their faces.


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