Unique Optical Illusion. See here!

Have you seen an optical illusions painting? It’s a mind confusing art that you have to identify each of every details that you could see in the painting. There are a lot of artistic way on how to create this optical illusions. As such, it depends on the painter anyway.

Some optical illusions are done by painting a mixed object to form a specific object, some are done by distorting an object that on the first look, it looks like nothing but actually it has something significant. Some are done by making shapes that when you look it feels like moving or feels like it’s pulling you.

This kind of art is very fantastic, greatest known artist of this variety of art are: Damien Gilley who is a Portland-based-multi-disciplinary artist, he creates immense depth on a flat surface and walls using colored strips of tape and contact paper. Leandro Erlich who created the mirrored street art instillation in Paris. Tang Yau Hoong, a Malaysia-based illustrator who specialized with negative space and light to create conceptual, surreal illustrations that are nothing short delight.

In this first picture, you can see a distorted painting. This is a birthday gift to JRD Tata by a street artist. At first look you will never understand his art. The artist of this painting has a secret that will only be revealed to JRD take a look at the picture below.


At first you will never understand


It’s a bit clear now


Amazing right!

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