Recycling Used Bars Of Soap To Save Lives

The concept of recycling has been around for thousands of years. Historically, recycling has always been implemented as a way to reuse materials that were no longer needed or suitable for their initial purpose or use. And what you are going to see in the video below is perfect for this concept.

Shawn Seipler started about seven years ago, a small operation in a garage in Orlando, Florida recycling used soaps using potato peelers, cookers and meat grinders. The nonprofit initiative has grown and is now called “Clean the World” and it has industrial recycling facilities in Orlando, Las Vegas and Hong Kong. Watch the video below.

Siepler is now on a mission to help save lives using recycled bars of soaps. So what can you say about this one? Share us your thoughts about this one through your comments below. And also do share this post with your family and friends on Facebook and Twitter.

(h/t: Associated Press)

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