See How This Amazing Socks Portrait Was Made

Each one of us really had a unique talent that we all should be proud off. At times, it may actually make us a better person, give us a better life and make us to be well known all over the world. But then, we still have to develop it so that we can make use of it. Will you agree with that?

Well, talking about talents, this video is indeed a great example of it. It will show you a certain socks artist with her amazing masterpiece. Do you know why she’s a socks artist? It’s because she is creating her art work with the use of socks. This is one of it. Watch the video below.

As based on the video, this artist was known to be Red Hongyi. She is a unique artist that is using socks, pins and bamboo sticks in her artworks. With this one showed on the video, she had used a total of 750 socks. And what the masterpiece shows is the portrait of a famous Chinese film director named Zhang Yimou. Aren’t you amazed with her masterpiece? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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