All Four Judges Turned Around Immediately To Her Very Powerful Voice

When we talk about amazing performances in a certain audition, then probably The Voice USA is well known for that, in showing people world class talent that everyone can be proud of. And speaking with the show, here’s one audition that simple leaves everyone stunned with her version of Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me.”

Maiya Sykes takes on Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” in a total show-stopping performance. All four coaches turned around immediately, and get to watch Maiya really soar with both emotion and control. Her powerful voice, roaring the room really gives an emotional outburst to everyone. Watch her performance below.

Maiya Sykes was actually SO GREAT and it kind of would’ve been great if all of the judges could’ve kept their heads on for her. What do you think of her performance? Share us your thoughts about this one and don’t forget to share this video with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

(h/t: The Voice)

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