15 Famous Rivers That You Should Visit Before Its Too Late

In our generation, rivers became more polluted and dirty because of the unsafe activities by the mankind.

Due to the effect of technology development, the human had changed the surroundings of the river to tourism center, hydroelectric generator, mineral quarried, and others. This may varied the functions of river and progress mankind’s level indirectly. The outcome of tourism at the river and nearby it has established new opportunities of occupation besides given advantages to our lives by getting exchanges of foreign notes when foreign tourists visiting our country. To global climate change, Many rivers around the world are losing water. Large populations depend on some of the rivers for everything from agriculture to clean drinking resources.

But because of  global climate change, Many rivers around the world are losing water.

Here are some of the famous rivers that you should visit before it’s too late.


River in Africa




River in China


Turquoise river Soca Slovenia, Italy


Caño Cristales: The Five Colors River – Colombia 


The Blue Dragon River Rio de Odeleite, Portugal


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