30 Beautiful And Relaxing City Parks In The World, #17 Is Great!

Aside from shopping malls and restaurants, another good place wherein you can spend time and have fun with your family is the park. Every city has its own park – a place where locals would usually bump each other’s shoulders or get together.

Every park has its own features. There are those which have children playgrounds while there are those which have fountains in the middle. Further, there are also parks that have wide grassland while others bear uneven ground.

Do you know that there are 30 beautiful and relaxing city parks in the world? These city parks have a lot of park goers everyday and tourists even visit them to take pictures.

Here is the list of 30 beautiful and relaxing parks in the world as shared by Fodors and Social Work Degree Guide.

1. Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

1. Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

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