17 Photos Of The Most Magical Season Of Japan By National Geographic

During Spring season, Japan blooms like a beautiful cherry blossom. The country transforms into a fantasy world that full of beautiful flowers of Cherry blossoms.

This is the most magical season of Japan that attracts millions of tourists just to witness this majestic season.

The vibrant and delicate cherry blossom is, after all, one of earth’s most majestic natural wonders, and there’s nothing quite like strolling beneath those ephemeral petals and marveling at how amazing mother nature can be.

To celebrate the arrival of Japan’s most magical season, National Geographic invited community members to send in their best photographs of the country’s famous cherry blossom. Take a look at the pictures below to see for yourself the stunning submissions they received.

Spring evening


Land of mist


Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival


Cherry Blossom


Evening cherry blossoms


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