16 Spectacular Bridges That Will Make You Crave To Cross Them, #8 Is Jaw-Dropping

Aside from the gigantic buildings that often entertain us while we were riding on a car in a city, another great structure that would surely catch our eyes are unique bridges.

Bridges connect a piece of land to another and it is indeed a different feeling when the vehicle you’re riding with is passing on a very eye-widening kind of bridge. It gives a different scenario apart from what we usually see on our daily travel in which were are between great buildings.

Through bridges, water and land are given connection too and can be seen together in one view. But do you know that aside from the common bridges we enjoy, there are bridges out there that will surely leave us in awe?

Here are the unique bridges that were captured by Imgur and Popular Mechanics.

1. Puente de la Mujer, Argentina

This is called ‘Woman’s Bridge’ in English. When ships are present, it can rotate up to 90 degrees.

Puente de la Mujer

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