The Miracle In Divine Mercy Hills, Philippines – “Dancing Sun”

Do you believe in Miracle? Okay, let’s go straight in the video below. This is something everyone should see because this is really controversial. A part of the video description reads, “The clouds broke, and from behind the mountains, the sun came out as an opaque disc in the sky. The sun danced, changed colours, spun like a pinwheel, and made a most sensational demonstration.”

In the year of 2001, thousands of people is seen gathered at the Divine Mercy Shrine, which is located in Divine Mercy Hills, El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. The gathering is held to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, when all of a sudden, a rainbow appears exactly over the head of Jesus’s statue and along with an inexplicable phenomenon. Watch the video below.

There are lots of miracle happening nowadays, but some of those were constituted with science explanation. But this one? For the people in El Salvador, they are assured that God is behind the miracle that has occurred in Divine Mercy Hills, Philippines. Share this post!

(h/t: TheJavierClan)


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