Here Is The Ultimate Immersive Game That Will Surely Get You Hurt!

We all love playing video games. By this game we are able to entertain ourselves while sitting. The advantage of playing this kind of game is to keep ourselves from getting harmed or getting hurt. But to make it even more realistic, here is the newest video game that will surely make you cry.

Probably most of you are asking why the video game can make us cry? This is because there is a device connected to the video game that is used to draw some of the players’ blood when getting hurt from the game. Sounds scary and painful right? If you’re really curious how it feels, you would really want to try playing the game.

The purpose of the game is simply to make us feel the reality of getting hurt and every time the player get hurt, his or her blood will be collected and will be donated to those who are in need. But we don’t think of this game as an awesome or a good game to play for the player. It has a beneficial purpose yet too risky for a person’s situation when the procedure is not done properly.

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