These Guy Put Baby Jeep Racing Onto A Higher Level

If you’re a boy, then you could probably relate to this one. Can you still remember when you were still a kid? You used to ride on a toy jeep, and your little friend is trying so hard to push you? Well, this might be the best of part of one’s childhood.

But this one on the video below, it’s not kids who are riding on this toy jeep to have fun. These big guys put this toy jeep into a higher level. This classic toy jeep now becomes an extreme sport. These guys are racing using toy jeep down a hill to win $200 cash. Watch the video below.

This is a painfully fun thing to do! What do you think? Share us your opinions on the comment section below and also, share this post to your family and friends online.

(h/t: BustedKnuckleVideo)

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