She Was The First Queen Of Chess Who Beaten Up The World Champion Garry Kasparov

When playing chess, it’s not all about how you win the game but it involves in different goals on the board. On order to keep the game, you have to guard your king no matter what because your king is the most important component of the chess pieces. Even if you still have many soldiers on your board, but the moment when your king was captured by the enemy, the game will be totally ended.

In chess, you need also to be careful of your moves. Before you made up your move, you have to think the better strategy that could startle your enemy or lose his plan. Because when you have a better plan, you have your better strike to the enemy and as well as better defense.

Great tactics, techniques, and strategy are what you need in the middle of the game. From the opening until end game. Chess can be played for a prolonged time or blitz game where there is a timer that was set in each of the opposing players.

Chess is not just an ordinary game that was played but, it helps your mind to think better, and develops your problem-solving ability.

There are numerous people around the world that could play better than the other. In the World Chess Tournament where players from a different country were competing to determine which of them is better and by the end of the competition will be declared as the World Champion.


It is rare to see a woman playing in a prolonged period and the only girl who played in most competitions but this Hungarian chess player Queen Judit Polgar proves that even woman can defeat the World Champion Garry Kasparov. Now she has been known in the history as the first Queen of chess who can play better than the previous World champion.

At the very young age, she was already trained to play chess on a regular basis and compete in several chess masters and professionals practically with adults. Later on, she discovered to herself that she has a talent for sports and it is clear that she could play better.

She trained herself daily and many hours and put up a lot of efforts and everything just to reach the title that she wants. See video below.

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