This Bicycle Is More Than The Speed Of A Ferrari! What??!! Wan’t Some Proof? See It For Yourself!

Comparing the speed of a bicycle to a Ferrari is obviously the craziest thing, but not with this bicycle you will see in the video, because you might be stunned what speed can this bicycle make that can meet up more that the speed of a Ferrari. Surprised? Yes this is true! And the video below will prove to you.

Pairing an iconic Ferrari to a bicycle in a match up only need a one winner, and that is right, only not the winner you’d expect. Because this bicycle is a no ordinary bicycle, because it has a rocket propel, yes! Literally rocket propelled bicycle!

You wouldn’t expect the speed it would produce that really gives a quarter of a mile in less than seven seconds. The man who ride on it is François Gissy who has reached an incredible speed of 333 km/h on the rocket-propelled bicycle designed by his friend Arnold Neracher. You won’t believe? Watch the video below.

So how was it? Now you believe! This really does need to be seen to be believed. This is really an incredible stuff!

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