Basketball Fan Hits A $95,000 Half-Court Shot During A Lakers And Suns Game – Unbelievable

Many of just love basketball! Yeah, just like other sports, fans are just coming in different games just to support their beloved team. What’s best for these basketball games especially in the NBA, are the events done for the joy of the fans at the stadium.

The ever-famous half-court shot is something fans are waiting to be chosen to try. One half-time show during the Lakers versus the Suns game on January 4, a man named David Moya from Oakdale, California stepped in the court to take the half-court shot challenge. Throws the ball then goes home with a big check worth $95,000. Wow!

Here’s the video of the the really amazing and unbelievable half-court shot made by a Lakers fan during the half time.

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Video from NBA.

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