Muay Thai Champion Fools Boys At The Gym By Pretending She Can’t Fight

Physical sports like Muay Thai is very popular around the world, specifically in Asia. This physical sport needs a lot of training in order to master. And one who is very well known in this field is Germaine Yeap. She is a Muay Thai fighter and holds the title on Kuala Lumpur Women’s Champion.

In the video below shows, a force to be reckoned with. But what happens when Germaine puts on some nerdy glasses, pulls on a pair of girly pink shorts and some silly-looking bright green boxing gloves and challenges some guys down the gym to a sparring session? Watch the video below.

Oops! They weren’t expecting that! Maybe this will make them think about misconceptions they hold about members of the opposite gender after getting such a monumental beat-down from this feisty young lady. What do you think about this one? Share this with your family and friends online

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