15 Best Drone Photography That Caught The Attention Of The World

Drone Photography was now taking the world by storm. This kind of Photography caught the attention of the photographers from all over the world. In fact, Dronestagram was said to be the gram-site of the future.

According to sources, this kind of Photography was founded by Eric Dupin, Dronestagram is a social network specifically for sharing drone photography. This year, it even partnered with National Geographic, GoPro, Adobe, and other notable companies to hold the 2015 Drone Aerial Photography Contest.

Here aes ome of the best Drone Photography.


#1 Al Marmoun Camel Racetrack, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



#2 Poland



#3 Hidden Lake, Washington, Usa



#4 Xiwei Reservoir, Zoucheng, Shandong, China



#5 Lost Island, Tahaa, French Polynesia


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