18-Year-Old Indian-American Girl Invented A Super-Capacitor Device That Can Charge Your Phone In Less Than 20 Seconds

With our technology nowadays, unstoppable development and advancement are taking place day by day.

An 18-year-old Indian-American girl has invented a super-capacitor that could potentially charge your cellphone on less than 20 seconds. Eesha Khare, from Saratoga, California, was awarded the Young Scientist Award by the Intel Foundation after developing tiny device that fits inside mobile phone batteries that could allow them to charge within 20-30 seconds.

According to Khare, her device can last 10,000 charge-recharge cycles, compared with 1,000 cycles for conventional rechargeable batteries. The so-called super-capacitor, a gizmo that can pack a lot of energy into a tiny space, charges quickly and holds its charge for a long time.

Eesha Khare is a senior student at Lynbrook High School in California, United States. For her supercapacitor invention, she won $50,000 and was awarded Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) held in Phoenix on 17 May 2013, where 1,600 other finalists participated from more than 70 countries.

Eesha’s invention is a fast-charging device (supercapacitor) that can store a lot of energy in a tiny space, it charges quickly within 20-30 seconds, holds the charge for a long time, and is also flexible. According to her, the supercapacitor can last for 10,000 charge-recharge cycles while the conventional rechargeable batteries can only last for 1,000 cycles.

For more details on how this 18-year-old tech-genius Eesha developed this fast and tiny supercapacitor, you can read her project summary submitted at the California state science fair from the reference section. The video shown is a news report of Eesha’s invention and achievement.

So far the device was only tested successfully on a light-emitting diode (LED) light, but according to reports, this is a breakthrough invention that can also work successfully in other devices like mobile phones.


Eesha Khare
California state science fair – Eesha Khare project summary

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