iPhone Volume Buttons Have These Hidden Features

Know these hidden features that your iPhone volume buttons have

Did you know that the iPhone volume buttons can do a lot more than just adjust your mobile phone’s loudness of sound?

In this era of booming technology, many people do not yet discover the “hidden” features of their gadgets. It is a known fact that there are a lot of people who do not even read the manual of instructions or the user’s guide.

Most likely, many iPhone users do not know these facts also about the volume buttons of their phones. Here are the “hidden” features of iPhone volume buttons, based on the article in Reader’s Digest.

iphone volume buttons

Can be used to take photos and videos
You can use the volume buttons to take a portrait, traditional photo, and panorama modes using the rear camera. Just open the camera app and press either of the volume buttons to take a selfie or panorama. To end the panorama, just press the volume button again. To start a video, just press the volume button and press again to stop. Another option is to press the volume to start a video and let your finger stay on the button and release it to stop the video.

It can also be done for taking burst photos. Just go to Settings > Camera, then turn on “Use Volume Up for Burst.”

Can be used to scan documents
Since iPhone is a built-in document scanner, which uses the camera app, the volume button can be used to take a snap of Files, Mail, Notes, and Reminders.

Can be used to snooze/turn off an alarm clock
If you are still too sleepy to open your eyes and press the snooze option on the screen, you can use the iPhone volume buttons to snooze your alarm. Just make sure that you have the “Snooze” function enabled for that particular alarm.

After toggling off the “Snooze” option for your alarm, you can turn off the alarm by pressing either volume button.

iphone volume buttons

Can be used to call emergency service
To save time and effort if you want to have to call emergency service, just hold down the side lock button and button (or all three buttons) until the “Emergency Call” slider appears on the screen. Then, swipe the SOS icon to the right to begin the call.

Can be used to force a restart
Just press the volume up button, then the volume down button, and after that, press the side lock button until you see the Apple logo on a black background in order to force a restart.

Can be used to turn off Face ID or Touch ID quickly
You can use this hidden feature by pressing and holding the side lock button and either volume button for two seconds. Then, you will see the same screen as when you’re calling emergency services.

Can be used to silence an incoming call
By pressing either volume button, you can silence the incoming regular calls. This also applies FaceTime calls and if the phone is on vibrate mode, the vibration will stop.

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