These Unique Mushrooms Have Not Be Seen By Many People (Photos)

Unique Mushrooms

Check Out These Unique Mushrooms & Some Important Details about Them UNIQUE MUSHROOMS – A lot of people across the globe have yet to see the photos of weird mushrooms that sometimes look like surreal. Mushrooms or the umbrella-shaped fruiting body of fungi has several kinds. Mushrooms are linked to seaweeds. Some of them even … Read more

AMALANHIG: Things You Need to Know About Zombie of the Philippines


AMALANHIG – Here are the things you need to know about ‘Maranhig’ or the so-called ‘Zombie’ of the Philippines. The Amalanhig is a terrifying creature from the rich history of Philippine mythology that is ingrained in Visayan folklore. Known by many names like Maranhig or Amaranhig, these creatures have captured the imagination of generations throughout the … Read more

These Unique Traditions of the British Royals & Some Unexpected Rules Surprise Many People

Unique Traditions of the British Royals

List of Unique Traditions of the British Royals & their Royalty Rules UNIQUE TRADITIONS OF BRITISH ROYALS – Here are some surprising traditions and rules that the members of the British Royal Family observe. Among the most popular people across the globe are the members of the British Royal Family. Britain’s monarch is currently King … Read more

BANGUNGOT: The Truth Behind This Ancient Sleeping Disorder


BANGUNGOT – Here is the truth behind this ancient sleeping disorder that causes death in several individuals. Bangungot, also known as “nightmare death syndrome” or “sudden nocturnal death syndrome,” is a term used to describe a mysterious and potentially fatal condition characterized by sudden death during sleep, typically occurring in otherwise healthy individuals. It primarily … Read more

SARIMANOK: Legendary Bird in Philippine Folklore


SARIMANOK – Here are some important facts about this legendary bird in the Philippine mythology that you should know. The Sarimanok is a legendary bird in Filipino mythology and folklore, particularly among the Maranao people of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. It is often described as a colorful rooster-like bird with colorful feathers and a … Read more

TIKTIK: Scary Mythical Creature in the Philippines


TIKTIK – Here are some important things you need to know about this scary mythical creature in the Philippines. The “tiktik” is a type of mythical creature in Filipino folklore, often associated with the “aswang,” a shape-shifting monster. The “tiktik” is believed to be a type of “aswang” and is characterized by its ability to … Read more

Rare Facts about Celebrities You Might Have Yet To Hear

Rare Facts about Celebrities

List of Rare Facts about Celebrities that Many People Don’t Know RARE FACTS ABOUT CELEBRITIES – Here are some surprising facts that many people don’t know about the popular personalities. Although the lives of the celebrities are a open books, there are still some facts about them that many people don’t know. In fact, there … Read more

AMOMONGO: Man-Sized Ape w/ Long Nails in Philippines


AMOMONGO – Here are some popular stories and facts about this mythical creature in Philippine folklore. “Amomongo” is a term commonly used in Filipino folklore to refer to a mythical creature or monster, often depicted as a large, hairy humanoid or ape-like creature. It is similar to the Western concept of a “Bigfoot” or “Yeti. … Read more

SANTELMO: Stories & Scientific Explanation About this Mythological Creature


SANTELMO – Here are some stories about this ball of fire and a scientific explanation about this mythological creature. Santelmo, also known as the ball of fire, is a topic of many stories in Philippine Mythology. However, some people still don’t believe in it despite the personal experiences shared by others. Sometimes they are used … Read more

Photos of Rare Flowers You Might Have Yet To See Before

Photos of Rare Flowers

Watch the Photo of Rare Flowers Below that Many People Don’t Know PHOTOS OF RARE FLOWERS – Here are some of the flowers that many people across the globe don’t know actually exist. Are you a lover of flowers? There are some species of these beautiful creations that you may have yet to see. Meanwhile, … Read more