BAHAY NA PULA: Dark History of Haunted Location in Bulacan


BAHAY NA PULA – Here are some important information about the haunted location Bulacan that most of us probably didn’t know. Bahay na Pula, or “Red House,” is a historic site in San Ildefonso, Bulacan, known for its tragic past and eerie reputation. Once a beautiful hacienda, it has become popular due to its dark … Read more

OZONE DISCO: Tragic Story Behind this Haunted Location


OZONE DISCO – Here is the tragic story behind the  haunted location, which was once a trendy hotspot in Quezon City. On March 18, 1996, the Ozone Disco Club in Quezon City, Philippines, was the site of one of the deadliest nightclub fires in history. It was a popular nightspot, especially among young people and … Read more