Dog Breeds that Are Good with Cats? Don’t Be Surprised that they Can Get Along

Wondering if there are Dog Breeds that are Good with Cats? The Answer is YES!!!

DOG BREEDS THAT ARE GOOD WITH CATS – Here is a list of some dogs that can actually get along well with cats contrary to what is known about the bond between the two creatures.

What can usually be seen in movies and cartoons are dogs and cats fighting against each other. That is probably why most of us were raised in a thinking that these two (2) creatures can’t live harmoniously together in a house. However, it is actually possible with dog breeds that are good with cats — yes, they exist!

1. Labrador Retrievers

Although it is a large, scary breed if you look at it physically, labrador retrievers are actually very friendly. They can even play with cats. They are also known as an intelligent and gentle breed of dog that is eager to please its family members.

Labrador Retrievers
Photo Credit: Retriever Advice
2. Pugs

Pug, known as the clown of the dog breeds, is also one of the breeds that can get along with cats very well. When it comes to friendliness, this breed will surely among those that will top the list. It has a very energetic and playful nature apart from its loving personality.

Pugs Cats
Photo Credit: Hepper
3. Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retrievers which are popular to be friendly, intelligent, and loving can also be good companions of cats at home. There are even a lot of videos online showing GRs playing with cats. They are adaptable and outgoing.

Dog Breeds that Are Good with Cats
Photo Credit: Pet Keen
4. Bulldogs

Bulldogs may look strange and scary to some people but they are among the most friendly dogs you can ever meet. They are even good with cats because of their kind temperaments. They are easygoing and playful towards both humans and their fellow animals.

Dog Breeds that Are Good with Cats
Photo Credit: Geelong Advertiser
5. Collies

The Collies are part of the herding group of dogs and it is one of the dog breeds that are good with cats. They have an athletic and loving nature. This breed can be vocal and needs a lot of exercise.

Dog Breeds that Are Good with Cats
Photo Credit: Reddit
6. Papillons

Have you seen the butterfly-eared dogs? They are Papillons and they have a happy and curious nature. They can befriend with cats and love to play with the other members of the family including the other dogs.

Papillons and Cats
Photo Credit: Hepper
7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Also one of the breeds of dogs that are good with cats is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels which has a gentle, affectionate, and fearless nature. They are excellent dogs for families with small kids as well as those with cats.

Dog Breeds that Are Good with Cats
Photo Credit: Pet Keen

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