Most Unusual Fishes You Might Have Yet To See

List of the Most Unusual Fishes Found in the Ocean

MOST UNUSUAL FISHES – Here are some of the incredible and rare fishes that a huge part of the populace across the globe has yet to see.

The underwater is wider than the land. Thus, there are countless creatures that are extremely unique and those which are not yet known to a lot of people. Do you know that there are these most unusual fishes that you may have yet to encounter whether personally or through a book? Here are some underwater creatures that might surprise you with their uniqueness:

Not only the name of this underwater specie but as well as how it looks and how it moves. The fish is known to swim but in the case of the handfish, it prefers to walk along the seafloor using its incredible set of fins. Its fins function like hands and feet.


This type of fish was found in the western Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. It belongs to the “carpet shark” family. It looks like a large rug and it spreads itself in the ocean floor unlike how most sharks move. It even camouflages with the look of the ocean floor and lays flat.


Also one of the most unusual fishes found in the ocean is the red-lipped batfish which can walk and stand on its own. It also has its own built-in fishing rod snout that has a retractable appendage. It uses its mouth to lure its prey close to its mouth.

Red-lipped batfish

One of the colorful fish species is the Parrotfish. It comes with vivid hues and shades that resembles the brightly-colored feathers of the parrot. It also has fused teeth at the front of its mouth which look like a beak — another resemblance to the bird.


The look of the Peacock Mantis Shrimp might scare you for what it can bring but this underwater creature found in the Indian and tropical western Pacific oceans means no harm. However, it is very strong with a 50-mph punch but they only use their strength in opening their food.

Peacock mantis shrimp

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