GAYUMA: Facts You Need To Know About Love Potion

GAYUMA – Here are some important facts that you need to about this magical liquid known as a love spell or love potion.

Love has long been a subject of interest, and throughout history, people have sought ways to enhance and manipulate romantic feelings. One intriguing aspect of this pursuit is the concept of “gayuma” or love potions.

Gayuma, also known as a love potion, is believed by some to be a form of black magic. It is commonly sold by fortune-tellers, and while some ask for only a “donation,” it’s still considered a business.


These potions are often associated with love and attraction, with some mixed into perfumes like Subido.

However, many require being added to drinks or food to be effective. Believers think that for it to work, one must have a strong belief and commitment, often accompanied by prayers or chants, sometimes whispered into the wind.

Love potion recipes may vary across cultures, but there are commonalities in the ingredients believed to possess magical properties. Herbs, flowers, and exotic substances are often key components.


According to some, the use of gayuma is believed to be the ultimate way to make someone fall in love, whether it’s an unrequited crush, unreturned love, or a secret admiration. Latin prayers are often whispered during the process to enhance its effectiveness.

Gayuma doesn’t just involve peculiar stones or objects. Animal parts, like reproductive organs, are commonly used. For instance, Soup No. 5, a famous Filipino dish considered an aphrodisiac, contains the testicles and organs of a bull along with Chinese herbs.

Some also use bird organs, crocodile reproductive parts, or eggs from an older chicken. These ingredients are believed to enhance charm and sex appeal.

Many people claim that gayuma has helped them with their love problems. However, its effectiveness depends on various factors. If used to win back an ex within a month of the breakup, some say it might work faster.

For other situations, like attracting someone, results might be seen within two weeks, provided the person is close and not romantically involved with someone else. However, it can have negative consequences if used for malicious purposes or if the correct process isn’t followed.

Superstition surrounds the practice, and while belief in gayuma has lessened over time, it hasn’t disappeared from the Filipino vocabulary and cultural practices.

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