MANILA FILM CENTER: Story Behind This Haunted Tourist Spot

MANILA FILM CENTER – Here is the story behind the haunted tourist spot located in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The Manila Film Center was conceived in the early 1980s under the regime of President Ferdinand Marcos, spearheaded by First Lady Imelda Marcos. The center was part of a grand vision to make the Philippines a cultural and cinematic hub in Asia.

The primary purpose of the building was to serve as the main venue for the first Manila International Film Festival (MIFF) in January 1982.


The building’s construction was a massive undertaking, with a tight deadline to meet the festival’s schedule. The project faced numerous challenges, including a tragic accident.

On November 17, 1981, scaffolding collapsed, trapping and reportedly killing several construction workers. The exact number of casualties remains unclear, with some reports suggesting that many of the bodies were never recovered, and the construction continued in haste to meet the deadline.

Despite its controversial past, the location has architectural value. Froilan Hong, an architect, created the structure with a neoclassical style influenced by Greece’s Parthenon. The Manila Film Center was intended to be a symbol of Filipino pride and cultural experience.


The MIFF aimed to showcase Filipino cinema to the world and to bring international films to Filipino audiences.

Over the years, numerous eerie stories and paranormal activities have been reported by visitors and workers at the tourist destination.

Many have claimed to see shadowy figures and ghostly apparitions wandering the halls and corridors of the center. These sightings are often accompanied by a sense of dread and unease.

Some visitors have reported hearing unexplained noises, such as whispers, cries for help, and even screams. These sounds are believed to be the voices of the trapped workers.

There have been accounts of objects, such as chairs and equipment, moving on their own. This poltergeist-like activity adds to the building’s haunted reputation.

One of the most popular legends is that the spirits of the construction workers roam the building. They are said to be restless and seek justice or acknowledgment for the way their bodies were treated.

Whether or not one believes in ghosts, the stories of the Manila Film Center add a layer of mystery and intrigue to this historic site.

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