SIYOKOY: Facts About This Humanoid Sea Monster in Philippine Folklore

SIYOKOY – Here are some popular stories about this mythological creature known as ‘Mermen’ in Philippine folklore.

Siyokoy is a mythical creature in Filipino folklore, often described as a humanoid sea monster or merman. It is said to inhabit the waters of the Philippines, particularly in the deep seas and coastal areas.

The sea creature is described as having the upper body of a fish with scales, big eyes, sharp and long teeth, and blue skin. From the waist down, they have human-like legs instead of a fishtail, distinguishing them from traditional mermaids.


Merman has a humanoid shape but possesses aquatic features that enable it to live underwater. It is known to be mischievous and sometimes malevolent towards humans.

The humanoid monster is said to lure fishermen or swimmers into the depths of the sea, either out of curiosity or with malicious intent. It is believed to reside in deep underwater caves, coral reefs, or near coastal communities.

In Filipino mythology, Syokoy are portrayed as leaders and protectors of all sea creatures, especially in the kingdoms where mermaids reside. They are known to be ruthless towards humans and any vessels that enter their territory, attacking them for resources.


They are also associated with maritime tragedies such as sinking ships and disappearances of sea travelers, believed to be the result of Syokoy’s curse or wrath. Despite their ferocity, they are respected by other underwater species for their strength and leadership.

These entities are known for their creativity, using pearls, seaweeds, stones, and sea shells to decorate their underwater kingdoms.

According to the stories, Siyokoy is a handsome and seductive man who usually chooses the most beautiful mermaid. They can survive out of water for up to an hour before experiencing dehydration, which may put their life at stake.

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