TIYANAK: Mythology & Information About This Small Humanoid Monster


TIYANAK – Here are some facts and beliefs about a small humanoid creature that resembles a newborn or toddler. In the rich history of Filipino folklore, Tiyanak is one of the creatures that stands out as a source of fear. This creepy entity is said to be the vengeful spirit of an unbaptized child, a harbinger … Read more

Top Unusual & Weird Animal Behaviors

Weird Animal Behaviors

STRANGE ANIMAL CHARACTERISTICS – Here are some of the top unusual and weird animal behaviors that most of us probably didn’t know. An animal is a living organism that is part of the biological kingdom Animalia made up of multiple cells organized into tissues and organs. They were are heterotrophic, meaning they cannot produce their … Read more

ASWANG: Different Types of This Mythical Monster in the Philippines


ASWANG – Here are the different types of this mythical monster in the Philippines that you may not be familiar with. Aswang stands out as both fascinating and dangerous in the rich history of Philippine folklore. This fabled entity has captivated Filipinos’ imaginations for years, with stories ranging from spine-chilling horror to cautionary folklore. They are … Read more

Ugly Trucks: 7 Oddly Fantastic Unattractive Trucks

Ugly Trucks 3

Exploring The Beauty Of These 7 Ugly Trucks UGLY TRUCKS – Let’s explore the narratives behind these seven unattractive trucks and unravel what makes them delightfully unique. Welcome to the wild and wacky realm of ugly trucks! Prepare to encounter the outcasts of the road, each possessing a charisma as immense as their sturdy exteriors. … Read more

ANTING ANTING – Different Types of Amulets in the Philippines


ANTING-ANTING – Here are the different types of amulets in the Philippines that have been a part of our history. “Agimat,” also known as “anting-anting” or “bertud,” is a popular term in the Philippines for charms or amulets. It plays an important role in the mythology of indigenous Filipinos and continues to be a part … Read more

List of Extinct Animals That We’ve Lost Forever

Extinct Animals

SPECIES THAT ARE GONE FOREVER – Here is the list of extinct animals that we’ve lost in the past hundred years. Throughout Earth’s history, countless species have come and gone, creating a colorful tapestry of life. Unfortunately, some of our planet’s most stunning and unusual creatures disappeared forever. The extinction of animals serves as a … Read more

Gods & Goddesses Of The Philippines: Divine Beings In PH Mythology

Sunset in Boracay, Gods & Goddesses Of The Philippines 3

Learn More About The Gods & Goddesses Of The Philippines GODS & GODDESSES OF THE PHILIPPINES – In this article, you will learn more about the Gods and Goddesses of the Philippines. The mythology of the Philippines weaves a captivating tapestry of beliefs and practices that originate from diverse indigenous tribes inhabiting the land. The … Read more

Facts About Earphones/Headphones You Probably Didn’t Know


HIGH TECHNOLOGY DEVICES- Here are some popular facts about earphones/headphone that you probably didn’t know. Earphones have become an important part of many people’s daily lives. They follow us during our workouts, commutes, work hours, and recreational activities. They turn everyday tasks into enjoyable experiences by transporting you to a world of sound, information, and entertainment. … Read more

Decode Flight Attendants Secret Language As Part of Your Travel Hacks

Flight Attendants Secret Language – Include in your travel hacks list the decoding of the secret language of flight attendants. Just like any other field, flight attendants also have their own terms or set of words they use that are related to their job. Here are some of the terms that you must understand before … Read more