SANTELMO: Stories & Scientific Explanation About this Mythological Creature


SANTELMO – Here are some stories about this ball of fire and a scientific explanation about this mythological creature. Santelmo, also known as the ball of fire, is a topic of many stories in Philippine Mythology. However, some people still don’t believe in it despite the personal experiences shared by others. Sometimes they are used … Read more

KAPRE: Things You Need to Know About This Mythical Urban Legend


Kapre, a Legendary Mythical Urban Legend in the Philippines KAPRE – Here are some important things that you need to know about this mythical urban legend. In Philippine folklore, the Kapre is a mythical creature known for its height and dark, shaggy hair. This gorilla-like figure is often described as a tall creature with fiery … Read more

WHITE LADY: Facts About This Female Ghost in White Dress


WHITE LADY – Here are some important facts about this popular female ghost in white dress appearing in rural areas. The term “white lady” often refers to a ghost or spirit commonly described as a woman dressed in white attire. This figure is very common folklore and urban legends in various cultures around the world. … Read more

These Amazing Animal Photos Captured by Australia-based Photographer Ignite Mysterious Vibe

Amazing Animal Photos by Christine Ward

See these Amazing Animal Photos that are Truly Jaw-Dropping AMAZING ANIMAL PHOTOS – Here are some of the jaw-dropping animal and nature photos captured by a photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. There are countless photographers in the world. There are beginners in the field of taking photos while there are also those who have spent … Read more

BABAYLAN: History & Facts About Philippine Shamans


Here are the History and Facts About Philippine Shamans Locally Known as “Babaylan” BABAYLAN – Here are the history and facts about the so-called Philippine shamans that many Filipinos do not know. The term “babaylan” refers to the native Filipino healers and community leaders, predominantly women. In Filipino tradition, a babaylan is someone with the … Read more

SIRENA: Facts About This Mythological Creature


SIRENA – Here are some facts that you probably don’t know about this mythological creature also known as Mermaid. ‘Sirena,’ often described as enchanting mermaids in folklore, have captivated human imagination for centuries. These mythical creatures, with their fish-like tails and angelic songs have been a part of Philippine folklore. The concept of mermaid can … Read more

SIGBIN: Things You Need to Know About This Mythical Creature


SIGBIN – Here are some important things you need to know about this Philippine mythical creature. Sigbin is a mythical creature in Filipino folklore described as a supernatural being. It is often described as a creature resembling a hornless goat or kangaroo. It is said to have large ears that can clap together and a … Read more

SANTA CLAUS: History & Origin of This Jolly White Bearded Man

Santa Claus

SANTA CLAUS – Here is the history and origin of this jolly white haired, bearded man dubbed as the Father Christmas. Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, or simply Santa, is a legendary figure associated with Christmas. He has been a part of the cultural and folklore traditions surrounding the … Read more

8 Timeless Quotes That Shaped History

Quotes 3

8 Famous Quotes That Altered the Course of History QUOTES – Here are eight (8) famous quotes that reshaped the course of history and stand the test of time. The undeniable impact of language is far-reaching, possessing the ability to mold the trajectory of historical events. Words carry the potential to sway the outcomes of … Read more

GAYUMA: Facts You Need To Know About Love Potion


GAYUMA – Here are some important facts that you need to about this magical liquid known as a love spell or love potion. Love has long been a subject of interest, and throughout history, people have sought ways to enhance and manipulate romantic feelings. One intriguing aspect of this pursuit is the concept of “gayuma” … Read more