New Year Traditions You’ve Probably Yet To Know

List of New Year Traditions in Different Nations

NEW YEAR TRADITIONS – Here are some of the most unique practices from different countries across the globe every January 1.

Now that it is holiday season across the globe, surely, many people are observing the traditions once again. Aside from the Christmas Traditions in the Philippines and in several other countries, there are also New Year traditions from different nations across the globe. You may have yet to heard about them.

Spanish begins another year with eating 12 grapes which, for them, symbolize each strike of the clock. They call the tradition las doce uvas de la suerte and it began in the 19th Century. It is believed to be increasing the chances of a lucky and prosperous new year if you managed to eat all the grapes in a matter of seconds since you need to finish them by the time that the clock finishes striking midnight.

New Year Traditions

Also one of the New Year traditions you probably don’t know yet is the eating of soba noodles to kick off the start of another year. It is done in Japan and this practice dates back to the Kamakura period. It is believed to be a break away from the passing year.

Eating soba noodles

In Denmark, it is believed that the more broken plates in your doorstep on New Year’s eve, the better will be the new year for you.

New Year Traditions

Also one of the unique New Year traditions is the serving of 12 round fruits on New Year’s eve which is practiced in the Philippines for decades now. It is believed that these round fruits, with a huge consideration of their shape that mirrors the shape of the coin, will boost the prosperity of the new year.

Serving 12 round fruits

In Colombia, the people have this tradition called ag├╝ero wherein households place three (3) potatoes under the bed of each family member. One of the potatoes must have been peeled while the other is not and the other being partially peeled.

At midnight, each member of the family will grab a potato with eyes closed. Getting an unpeeled one is believed to indicate good fortune while getting a peeled one is believed to signal financial struggle. The partially-peeled potato indicates a mixture of both.

New Year Traditions

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