Rare Facts about Celebrities You Might Have Yet To Hear

List of Rare Facts about Celebrities that Many People Don’t Know

RARE FACTS ABOUT CELEBRITIES – Here are some surprising facts that many people don’t know about the popular personalities.

Although the lives of the celebrities are a open books, there are still some facts about them that many people don’t know. In fact, there are these rare facts about celebrities that you might be surprised to hear and you can check on them below.

Rare Facts about Celebrities
  • Elvis Presley has naturally blonde hair that he even used black shoe polish to blacken his hair thinking he is more handsome with it.
  • Hollywood actor Matthew Perry lost his third finger in his right hand when he was a kid after it was slammed in a car door.
  • Channing Tatum was actually part of the “She Bangs” music video of Ricky Martin.
Rare Facts about Celebrities
  • Basketball star Dennis Rodman has 28 siblings on his father’s side.
  • Eva Mendes previously claimed that when she was a kid, she dreamt of becoming a nun when she grew up. However, she avoided it when she knew about its financial side.
Whitney Houston
  • Whitney Houston was actually a producer of the famous The Princess Diaries as she owned the Brownhouse Productions. It was the same company that produced Cinderella in 1997 and the Cheetah Girls films.
  • Nicole Kidman is afraid of butterflies. The said phobia is called lepidoterophobia and she had it since she was a kid. She would rather be covered with cockroaches than feeling butterflies.
Ashton Kutcher
  • Ashton isn’t the first name of Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher. His first real name actually is Christopher.
  • Ryan Cabrera has a tattoo of the face of Ryan Gosling on his leg which is from a game called “tattoo roulette” he played with his friends.
Rare Facts about Celebrities
  • Amid his very manly moves, Stephen Baldwin actually has a Hannah Montana tattoo as he thought of getting a chance for a cameo in the show which his daughter is a big fan.

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