TEACHER’S CAMP: The Haunted Tourist Location in Baguio City


TEACHER’S CAMP – Here are some important facts about the haunted tourist location in Baguio City, Philippines. Teacher’s Camp in Baguio City is a famous place known for both its historical importance and spooky ghost stories. It has been a training center for teachers since the early 1900s, but it’s also known as one of … Read more

LAPERAL WHITE HOUSE: Facts About This Haunted Museum in Baguio


Laperal White House – Here are some facts about this haunted museum located in Baguio City, Philippines, that you should know. Laperal Mansion located along Leonard Wood Road in Baguio City is a Victorian-style wooden structure, built in the 1930s by Roberto Laperal. The tourist location has a rich history intertwined with the city’s past. … Read more