Super Mario Game Cheats You May Have Yet To Know for Decades Now

List of Super Mario Games Cheats Surprisingly Many Players Are Unaware

SUPER MARIO GAME CHEATS – Here are some tricky things that only a few players known about playing the very popular Super Mario Bros. game.

One of the most popular console games across the different countries is the Super Mario Bros. It is a favorite of countless people across the globe. However, despite its popularity, truth be told that there are still a lot of players who wonder why some players can get multiple life, a one-up mushroom, can get Mario to slide, and a lot more.

Super Mario Game Cheats
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There are actually cheats or a combination of what to press to get the surprising moves done and bonuses of the game. Here are some of the Super Mario game cheats you might like to try the next time you will play the console game:

The “Game Over” is undeniably the thing that players don’t like to appear on the screen regardless of the game he or she’s playing. In playing Super Mario Bros, what many people don’t know is that you can actually get back to the stage or level where you died.

How to do it? After the “Game Over” appears on the screen, hold the A button and hit Start. You will be brought back to the beginning of the level where you died.

After playing the first three (3) levels of the game, you will get a bonus 1-Up mushroom in the first level of the next world — that is, if you know it. Jump over an invisible block between two (2) blocks on the first level of the next world.

If you kicked a koopa to the right, don’t forget to kick all the other seven (7) koopas to the right as well. It will give you an extra life.

Although this is not one of those that can be considered one of the Super Mario game cheats, this is fun to watch. When Mario goes out from the tube or at the start of any level, press A and B at the same time then release A while continue holding B. It will make him take a slide which is fun to watch.

Also one of the Super Mario game cheats is the secret move multiple lives. At the end of the World 3-1, there is a staircase that will lead you to the flagpole. There are two (2) koopas. On the second koopa, jump and let it bounce against the staircase. With perfect timing, you can jump on it multiple times leading to multiple lives. However, be careful not to go beyond 128 or your game will be over the next time you die.

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